Novel Coronavirus

(COVID 19) Update

All of our Clinics have resumed normal operating hours under Level 2. We have put in place social distancing requirements as well as contract tracing. Patients are strongly encourage to wear face masks. 



There is a general FAQ provided on the NZ COVID - 19 website:



Additionally, here are some common FAQ's we are getting at our clinics:

Q. Can I get COVID - 19 more than once?

A. No. It’s a single strand virus unlike flu or cold.

Q. Should I take flu vaccine?

A. Yes the flu jab protects you from the normal flu but not COVID - 19

Q. Can children get COVID - 19?

A. Currently the answers is no as most cases are seen in adults & above 20. Children however may be subclinical carrier. 

Q. How do we differentiate between the common flu & COVID - 19? 

A. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference. If you are getting progressively unwell and exhibiting the symptoms of; sore throat, shortness of breath, coughing, fever, we recommend you attend one of the assessment centres in your area to get a swab test to make sure. 

Q. What does the different Alert Levels actually mean?

A. Attached is a PDF document which outlines what each alert level means:



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