Our Services

All our clinics offer a full range of health checks and treatment to ensure your body is performing as it should. Our GP teams can also test for a wide variety of measurements and give you insight into your current lifestyle.

Travelling can cause unexpected health issues. Our Clinics offer various vaccines, medical kits, and consults, to ensure you’re well prepared on any overseas adventures. They can also assist you with childhood and adult vaccinations. Our Karaka Family Health Clinic operates a designated Covid-19 Swabbing Practice. We operate the Swabbing testing between 9am and 4pm Mon - Fri.    

We also offer a suite of Specialist Services at our clinics - see below.  


Ear Exam

All Ears Clinic

We are proud to offer this range of services across all our clinics.  We have experienced GPs to diagnose and treat ENT problems working alongside our ENT specialist, Dr Ebrahim and Dr Amin Uloom. 

We also offer affordable, high quality ear microsuctions, and have the advantage of being the only doctor-lead microsuction clinic in South Auckland. See our poster.

Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

Fertility Clinic

We offer a wide range of professional medical services related to fertility and reproductive health lead by Phill McChesney who is an extremely qualified Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and one of NZ’s few Reproductive Medicine and Infertility specialists. 


Phill’s areas of speciality include infertility, fertility preservation and advanced gynaecological surgery.

Gastroenterology Consultation.jpg


We are pleased to announce we will be commencing a Gastroenterology and Hepatology clinic at our Karaka Practice commencing the 28 February 2020 and running every second Wednesday from 9am to 1pm. 

Dermatologist at Work

Skin Clinic

We have skin specialists that can provide 

comprehensive dermoscopic skin cancer checks with both medical and surgical management options at Karaka our Karaka Clinic every Thursday 9am to 6pm. Phone 09-282-5999 for further enquiries or bookings.